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>what is wholesale           pricing?
Wholesale pricing is the price offered to Distributors and Music Supply stores.  It is a price that is greatly reduced from the normal retail price. This ranges from a 30% to 50% discount off the suggested price. The discount will be determined by the number of units purchased and shipping preferences. The minimum order is 20 units.
Please keep in mind we are a small and independent publisher. We print to order to ensure you get the most recent version of our publications. Most publications do not have a price listed on them, so you are free to charge whatever you'd like. We require all orders be completed through our distributor portal. If you require an invoice, please feel free to request one.   
If you have any questions please send us a message at 
Please provide a company or store name, as well as contact information. If you are trying to access this page outside the U.S.
then click here.


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