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Game on.

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Everything they need
from day one.

Inspired by directors just like you.

A full curriculum for beginners and beyond. Tools and resources straight from the pros.

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Over 170 pages of content.

Designed with new and expert directors in mind.

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Jump right in, no planning required. 

Optimized for homogeneous programs

Content for today's band classrooms because every
instrument and every student
is different. 

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Expertly crafted sequencing

We've filled in the gaps, so you don't have. 

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Instrument/note familiarity
(Week 2)

Sightreading in new keys
(Week 20)

Dynamic QR-codes

Access hundreds of videos (because not everything can be put into words)

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DLC (Downloadable Content) 

We've packed so much into
The Band Code, but eager students (and teachers) can still access more. 

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An epic song & reference book

Designed for students of all ages. Useful after the first year and well into college or beyond. 

Full band warm-ups & chorales (6 pages)
Music definitions, theory charts, and more (3 pages)
Scales w/note diagrams & tips from the Pros (7 pages)
Arpeggios w/note diagrams & tips from the Pros (6 pages) Notes and trills charts (2 pages)
Etudes (2 pages) 
Songs (15 pages)

38 pages, no filler:

Scales & arpeggios: Reloaded

Diagrams, pitch tendencies, and all the secrets from the pros. 

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Songs everyone wants

Happy Birthday
Twinkle, Twinkle
Ode to Joy
Tetris Theme
Holiday favorites
and more...

Songs your students want:

and songs they'll need:

Pomp and Circumstance
America the Beautiful

The Star-Spangled Banner
The Washington Post March
Stars and Stripes Forever
and more ceremonial favorites...


Ready to level up?

Request digital sample pages below:


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